glock oem plus 2 magazine extension review

Easy installation. These commissions do not add any cost to the end customer’s purchase. For genuine GLOCK, Inc. and GLOCK Ges.mbH products and parts visit If you don’t see a disclosure policy on a blog or review site, that reviewer may be violating the law or acting unethically. Let’s start with… 1. Does not fit the 43X. PSA's Daily Deals: The best way to go broke saving money. Injection molded of the same durable material used in the magazine body itself, the extended floorplate shape was designed to comfortably accommodate a proper firing grip. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at Killing HPA: Did 3 Big Silencer Brands Sell Us ALL Out? Posted by on Dec 17th 2020, great fit, it's just what I was looking for. Glock Factory Magazine Extensions. Shop Vuori at Glock 26 - … The spring, Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. The Pearce magazine grip extension appears well made. $23.95. Sometimes 15 or 17 rounds isn?t enough? Generation is irrelevant for our Glock base pads. Glock OEM (factory) current production +2 magazine extension will add 2 rounds to all the standard (hi-capacity) 9mm. ... Taylor Freelance Goliath Glock plus 20 Basepad . The Austrian brand had its first compact concealable pistol that could be worn comfortably anywhere,... Now Available in GLOCK® Battlefield Green, and GLOCK® OD Green! I tested a black, +2 Glock 43 extension and a silver, +2/+3 Glock 27/26 extension. The one small flaw that... Small pistols can present big problems under stress reloads. It should probably be a 20 second job, but I had trouble getting the base plate off of the new Glock 17 round magazine. Use offer code LASTCHANCE25 in cart. Add to Cart. 17 Rounds. Utilizes the same spring in your magazine. $11.95 . Does not work on the 43 or 42. (in stock) 0.0 13 Rounds. In fact, I have been using a Hyve +2, magazine extension on my Glock 27, for over a year. $29.99. Magazine insert and stainless steel magazine spring included! Glockmeister Grip Plug For Gen 1, 2, 3 Full Size & Compact GLOCKS: GLOCK Plus 2 Magazine Extension: GLOCK Extended Slide Stop (see full description for model breakdown / fit) GLOCK Factory G21 Magazine. $49.95 . Uses Existing magazine Base Plate! Barracuda Tactical is not alone in the extension market. Base Pad For Glock 9/40 Full Size Magazines. This is simply because the magazine is too short. Great deals on Glock Magazine Extension. But some of the other mags had extensions for +2 or more, and I like that. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Kit converts 1 Glock® magazine. Neither TangoDown, nor this site are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.mbH. Many of the links on are affiliate links. Largest Selection of Glock Magazines. High Impact Polymer Material Was $19.99 Now Only $15.99 at Expires: January 23, 2021. Super Duty Design! Glock actually makes magazine extensions, as you probably guessed, and they are absolutely, 100%, tee-totally okay. Hunting, Shooting & Reloading Deals & Coupons, Chris Gerken – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Jacob Bowser – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Joe Ricklefs – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Andy Parrish – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Randy McKnight – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Jacob Perkins – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Mike Lyle – – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Randall Cress – Camping Gear Review Specialist, Joe Condrey – Military Vehicle and Outdoor Gear Review Specialist, Daniel Urban – Military Vehicle Review Specialist, Adam Thompson – Military Vehicle & Firearms Review Specialist, Trey Miller – Firearms Review Specialist – Ghost Tactical, Kelly Ann Pidgeon – Firearms Review Specialist – Armed & Feminine, Chris Dover – Firearms Review Specialist – CloverTac, Mike Keitzer – Firearms Review Specialist – Budget Guns & Gear, TJ Persicketti – Firearms Review Specialist, Michael McQuown – Firearms Review Specailist, Alan Freedman – Firearms Review Specialist, Mitch Blackburn – Firearms Review Specialist, Jason McMasters – Firearms Review Specialist, Tom Jollay – Hunting and Firearms Review Specialist, Chris Brokes – Firearms Special Contributor, First Things Every HMMWV or Hummer Owner Needs to Know, What Does A Surplus HMMWV Cost? The Federal Trade Commission requires that companies like Gear Report disclose any relationship we have with brands when we produce content about a product or service. Reluctantly removed it (t works well without the enhanced). Valid while supplies last. $41.99.

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