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In 1595 the first Dutch expedition sailed from the Texel, but it took a more southerly course than its predecessors and confined its operations to Java and the neighbouring islands. The expedition, including naturalists, botanists, a mineralogist, taxidermists, a philologist, &c., was carried by the sloops-of-war "Vincennes" and "Peacock," the brig "Porpoise," the storeship "Relief" and two tenders. But it should look at the issue broadly, not as a PPFA hunting expedition. In 1510 a second expedition against Malacca was sent out from Portugal under the command of Diogo Mendez de Vasconcellos, but d'Alboquerque retained it at Cochin to aid him in the retaking of Goa, and it was not until 1511 that the great viceroy could spare time to turn his attention to the scene of Siqueira's failure. The piracies committed by the Jawasimi Arabs in the gulf compelled the intervention of England, and in 1810 their strongholds were destroyed by a British-Indian expedition. The Druids are represented as being able to foretell the future and to perform magic. Shortly afterwards his term of office was brought to a close by the failure of an attempt to secure for Italy a coaling station at Sanmen and a sphere of influence in China; but his policy of active participation in Chinese affairs was continued in a modified form by his successor, the Marquis Visconti Venosta, who, entering the reconstructed Pelloux cabinet in May 1899, retained the portfolio of foreign affairs in the ensuing Saracco administration, and secured the despatch of an Italian expedition, 2000 strong, to aid in repressing the Chinese outbreak and in protecting Italian interests in the Far East (July 1900). He was a friend of the geographer Strabo, who gives an account of the expedition (xvi. Get the answers you need, now! There must be a punitive expedition against the Jews in Russia, a punitive expedition which will expect: death sentence and execution. Because expeditious shipping is included with all deliveries, I don’t mind paying the company’s membership fee. 5 points elodierouge13oyfc35 Asked 10.19.2018. A powerful naval expedition was fitted out, but failed, an armistice and treaty of commerce being signed with the grand master, Pierre d'Aubusson (1479). In October 1811 an expedition consisting of io,000 men under Tusun Pasha, the pasha's son, a youth of sixteen, landed in Hejaz without opposition. Because expeditious shipping is included with all deliveries, I don’t mind paying the company’s membership fee. This expedition was called the war of the "Epigoni" or descendants, and ended in the taking and destruction of Thebes. In 1702 he commanded the expedition against Cadiz, and on the passage home destroyed the Plate fleet in Vigo. Relevance. Kindly help me He returned to Spain in 1514, and obtained from the king a grant to colonize " the island of Bimini and the island of Florida," of which he was appointed adelantado, and in 1521 he made another expedition, this one for colonization as well as for discovery. Crete indeed profited by the grant of extended privileges, but these did not satisfy its turbulent population, and early in 1897 a Greek expedition sailed to unite the island to Greece. His record of this expedition, Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon, which was illustrated by another folio volume, called A Second Series of the Monuments of Nineveh, was published in 1853. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB If you want to climb it, you usually start your expedition from Montemonaco. These riotous proceedings provoked the second military expedition of the governor, and on the 16th of May 1771, with a force of about r000 men and officers, he met about twice that number of Regulators on the banks of the Alamance, where, after two hours of fighting, with losses on each side nearly equal, the ammunition of the Regulators was exhausted and they were routed. Synonym Discussion of expedition. The lords of the Congregation sought help from Elizabeth, while the regent had recourse to France, where an expedition under her brother, Rene of Lorraine, marquis of Elbeuf, was already in preparation. The Swedish expedition to Greenland in 1899 found musk-oxen in herds of varying size - some contained only a few individuals, and in one case there were sixty-seven. Log in. The second settlement made by his expedition at Buenos Aires was even less successful and long-lived than the first. expedition. As Cabot was descending the stream to his settlement of San Espiritu, he encountered an expedition which had been despatched from Spain for the express purpose of exploring the river discovered by Solis, under the command of Diego Garcia. With this end in view he enlisted as a private soldier, on the 2nd of November 1754, in the Indian expedition which was about to start from the port of L'Orient. In 1757 he was associated with Sir John Mordaunt in command of an abortive expedition against Rochfort, the complete failure of which brought Conway into discredit and involved him in a pamphlet controversy. use "expedition" in a sentence Without thinking, Ted quickly volunteers to make the expedition . But in 1083 he was suddenly disgraced and imprisoned for having planned a military expedition to Italy. In 392 Valentinian was secretly put to death at Vienne (in Gaul), and Arbogast, naming as his successor Eugenius, a rhetorician, descended into Italy to meet the expedition which Theodosius was heading against him. This untoward disaster led to the abandonment of the expedition, which forthwith returned to Spain, bringing with them the news of the discovery of a fresh-water sea. But his Red River expedition, March - May 1864, forced upon him by superior authority, was a complete failure. The preparations for the expedition, openly made, were viewed by Cavour with mixed feelings. 1 to no. It was a spot well known to me in the course of the aquatic expeditions of my boyhood. In 163 Lysias led another expedition against these disturbers of the king's peace and defeated Judas at Bethzachariah. The expedition of 1 715 was resolved upon against his advice. ); "Timur's Expedition against Tuktamish Khan," Persian and French, by Charmoy, in Memoires de l'acad. As Arabi did not submit, a British military expedition landed at Alexandria on the 10th of August, the sequel being the British occupation of the whole country, the history of which is set forth under Egypt. Sentence with the word expedition. Wellesley was appointed second in command, but owing to ill-health did not accompany the expedition. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Brainard, of the U.S. expedition to Lady Franklin Bay, ls explored the north-west coast beyond Beaumont's farthest to a promontory in 83° 24' N. See also Blue Book, journals, &c., (Nares) Expedition, 1875-1876 (London, 1877). 5. The French directory, which possessed information from Lord Edward Fitzgerald and Arthur O'Connor confirming Tone, prepared to despatch an expedition under Hoche. : A Man From The Sun is an exploration of the difficulties faced by West Indians new to Britain. The result of the Hamburg negotiations was Hoche's abortive expedition to Bantry Bay in December 1796. Anna Cross for the expedition. 1 decade ago. In 916 she sent an expedition against the Welsh, which advanced as far as Brecknock. And by chance an escape from this dangerous position presents itself in the form of an aimless and senseless expedition to Africa. The other bears the record of a second expedition to the same land of Punt, undertaken by command of Queen Hatshepsut, 1600 B.C. From Cambridge English Corpus Table 1 provides an overview of knowledge flows from the expeditions that were used in the analysis. inland in 68° 20' N., and two Lapps of his expedition went still farther on skis, to a point nearly under 45° W. It is possible that some of these rocks are also of Huronian age, but it is doubtful whether the rocks so designated by the geologists of the " Alert " and " Discovery " expedition are really the rocks so known in Canada, or are a continuous portion of the fundamental or oldest gneiss of the north-west of Scotland and the western isles. I think the expedition is quite feasible. A memorial in Church Square commemorates the Franklin expedition to the discovery of the North-West Passage, and in particular Captain Francis Crozier, who was born at Banbridge in 1796 and served on the expedition. The next recorded expedition is a memorable one in the annals of Australian history - the despatch of a British colony to the shores of Botany Bay. In 1740 General James Edward Oglethorpe, governor of Georgia, supported by a naval force, made an unsuccessful attack upon St Augustine; two years later a Spanish expedition against Savannah by way of St Simon's Island failed, and in 1745 Oglethorpe again appeared before the walls of St Augustine, but the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748 prevented further hostilities. British English: expedition / ˌɛkspɪˈdɪʃən / NOUN An expedition is a journey made for a particular purpose such as exploration....an expedition to Antarctica. ; Transactions of Roy. [Alexandria figured prominently in the military operations of Napoleon's Egyptian expedition of 1798. Louis had been led to think that the bey of Tunis might be converted, and in that hope he resolved to begin this eighth and last of the Crusades by an expedition to Tunis. The belief in a vast Antarctic continent stretching far into the temperate zone had never been abandoned, and was vehemently asserted by Charles Dalrymple, a disappointed candidate nominated by the Royal Society for the command of the Transit expedition of 1769. A few days later the expeditionleft Cabo de la Vela for Hispaniola with some pearls obtained in Paria, a little gold and a number of slaves. The punitive expedition stopped. Join now. In this instance, "expedition" is referring to the plot to steal the pheasants. Towards the close of the year 1696 this expedition reached the island of Rottnest, which was thoroughly explored, and early the following year a landing party discovered and named the Swan river. the people that is decidin 2 help me is awesome. The effects of the expedition in the sphere of world-politics were equally remarkable and more immediate. Another word for expedition. This whole expedition had been. In 1590 he sent an expedition to Provence in the interests of the Catholic League, and followed it himself later, but the peace of 1593, by which Henry of Navarre was recognized as king of France, put an end to his ambitions. Returning to Venice, Xavier was ordained priest on Midsummer Day 1537; but the outbreak of war between Venice and Turkey put an end to the Palestine expedition, and the companions dispersed for a twelvemonth's home mission work in the Italian cities. Expeditions In A Sentence How To Use Expeditions In A Sentence? In December 1901 the mullah was, however, once more raiding in the neighbourhood of Burao, and in May Wars with 1902 Colonel Swayne led another expedition against the Mullah him, the Somali levies being strengthened by the 2nd Mahomme dKing's African Rifles, consisting of Yaos from Nyasa- Abdullah. 3. Let the truce of God be observed at home; and let the arms of Christians be directed to the winning of Jerusalem in an expedition which should count for full and complete penance. Chesney, Expedition to the Euphrates and Tigris (1850); W. In 1526 he was sent out in command of an expedition fitted out for the purpose of determining by astronomical observations the exact line of demarcation, under the treaty of Tordesillas, between the colonizing spheres of Spain and Portugal, and of conveying settlers to the Moluccas. In 1804 he was knighted, and in 1805-1806, being by now a lieutenant-general, he commanded the expedition against the Cape of Good Hope with complete success, capturing Cape Town and forcing the Dutch general Janssens to surrender. Definition of expedition noun in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Learn the definition of expedition and how to use it in a sentence. Venice with its mainland End of the territories east of the Adige, inclusive of Istria and Dalmatia, went to the Habsburgs, while the Venetian isles of the Adriatic (the lonian Isles) and the Venetian fleet went to strengthen France for that eastern expedition on which Bonaparte had already set his heart. He was gathering troops for a new expedition in central Italy in the summer, when both he and his father were simultaneously seized with fever. Another German expedition, on a large scale, was despatched by the Orientgesellschaft in 1899 with the object of exploring the ruins of Babylon; the palace of Nebuchadrezzar and the great processional road were laid bare, and Dr W. Hilprecht, The Babylonian Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania (1893 foil. Recent Examples on the Web The retired schoolteacher opened a cooler full of shrimp from an acquaintance who went on a fishing expedition 130 miles south in a river that empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Louis retaliated by refusing to sanction the duke of Burgundy's projected expedition against Calais, whereupon John quitted the court in chagrin on the pretext of taking up his mother's heritage. Asked by Wiki User. Several plans were made to invade South Carolina and Georgia, but none matured until 1778, when an expedition was organized which co-operated with British forces from New York in the siege of Savannah, Georgia. An example of an expedition is when Lewis and Clark went to explore newly … The pirates sold great numbers of slaves at Delos, where was the chief market for this kind of wares; and these sales went on as really, though more obscurely, after the successful expedition of Pompey. It was in this expedition that Livingstone's house was looted. While preparing an expedition against Rhodes to avenge the repulse sustained forty years before by Mahommed II., the sultan died at Orashkeui, near Adrianople, at the spot where he had attacked his father's troops. i really need help. In 1832 he accompanied the Liberal expedition to Terceira as a volunteer, and was one of D. The stirring incidents in the political emancipation of Portugal inspired his muse, and he describes the bitterness of exile, the adventurous expedition to Terceira, the heroic defence of Oporto, and the final combats of liberty. The land claim has become a second line of defense against oil and gas exploration in this region. The defence that the crusaders were bound to pay their passage-money to the Holy Land, in one form or other, to the Venetians, is perhaps a weak one in any case for the attack on two Christian cities, Zara and Constantinople; it becomes weaker still when it is found that the expedition never went or attempted to go to the Holy Land at all. Of the several attempts to cross Western Australia, even Major Warburton's expedition, the most successful, had failed in the important particular of determining the nature of the country through which it passed. In 1542 the settlement of Buenos Aires was re-established by an expedition sent for the purpose from Spain, under a tried adelantado, Cabeza de Vaca. Find more ways to say expedition, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Attracted at first by Italy, dreaming of fair feats of prowess, he led the triumphal Marignano expedition, which gained him reputation as a knightly king and as the most powerful prince in Europe. The French troops stormed the city on the 2nd of July 1798, and it remained in their hands until the arrival of the British expedition of 1801. On the 12th of April 1769 the British expedition to observe the transit of Venus, under the naval command of James Cook, arrived at Tahiti. The second event belongs to 411, after the failure of the Sicilian expedition. Agassiz, "An Expedition to the Maldives"_in Amer. Expedition use in a sentence I have made a sentence but I am not sure whether it's right or wrong They embarked on their expedition with the enthusiasm. Show More Sentences During a scientific expeditionin the antarctic he lost his colleagues 300 miles from safety. His son, of the same name, was appointed (490), together with Datis, to take command of the expedition sent by Darius to punish Athens and Eretria for their share in the Ionian revolt. From Cuba went the expeditions that discovered Yucatan (1517), and explored the shores of Mexico, Hernando Cortes's expedition for the invasion of Mexico, and de Soto's for the exploration of Florida. He also carried on an expedition against Rhegium and its allied cities in Magna Graecia. During his first expedition (622) he failed to secure a footing in Armenia, whence he had hoped to take the Persians in flank, but by his unwearied energy he restored the discipline and efficiency of the army. Two years into an Arctic expedition, they were forced to abandon ship a thousand miles north of Siberia. The Russian expedition to the Bosporus, the convention of Kutaiah, and the treaty of Unkiar Skelessi (July 8, 1833) followed. In 342 Philip led a great expedition north "comparable to nothing in antiquity since Darius' famous march to Scythia.". Examples of the expedition in a sentence: 1. Lindsay's expedition, which was fitted out by Sir Thomas Elder, the generous patron of Australian exploration, entered Western Australia about the 26th parallel south latitude, on the line of route taken by Forrest in 1874. 1. the prince of Monaco, the German " Valdivia " expedition under Professor Chun (1898), and the combined Antarctic expeditions (1903-1904). The foreign consuls intervened in the hope of bringing about a peaceful settlement, but the Sultan resolved on the employment of force, and an expedition despatched to Vamos effected the relief of that town with a loss of 200 men. 31. This expedition put an end to the hope, so long entertained, that it was possible to obtain a direct and practicable route for stock between Kimberley and Coolgardie gold-fields; and it also proved that, with the possible exception of small isolated patches, the desert traversed contained no auriferous country. But it should look at the issue broadly, not as a PPFA hunting expedition. The death of Hussain put a stop to this expedition, but Baber spent a year at Herat, enjoying the pleasures of that capital. During his two and a half years of service under Cochrane, the young midshipman witnessed more than fifty engagements, and had much experience of service on the coast of Spain in the early stage of the Peninsular War, in the attack on the French squadron in the Roads (April 1809) and in the Walcheren expedition. Middendorff's journey (1844-1845) to north-eastern Siberia - contemporaneous with Castren's journeys for the special study of the Ural-Altaian languages - directed attention to the far north and awakened interest in the Amur, the basin of which soon became the scene of the expeditions of Akhte and Schwarz (1852), and later on (1854-1857) of the Siberian expedition to which we owe so marked an advance in our knowledge of East Siberia. After the failure of this expedition the Athenians apparently became absorbed in a prolonged struggle with Aegina. The story of Hop's expedition is told in the Nouvelle description .du Cap de Bonne Esperance (Amsterdam, 1778). In 1832 the Registro Trimestre, a literary and scientific journal printed at Mexico, contained a communication by Dr. Pablo de la Llave, describing this species (with which he first became acquainted before 1810, from examining more than a dozen specimens obtained by the natural-history expedition to New Spain and kept in the palace of the Retiro near Madrid) under the name by which it is now known, Pharomacrus mocino.3 Quezal, male and female. It is quite clear, however, that the marshal of Champagne, who was one of the leaders and inner counsellors of the expedition throughout, sympathized with the majority, and it is fair to point out that the temptation of chivalrous adventure was probably as great as that of gain. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 5 Answers. From this time onward the Indian government exercised considerable influence on the Somali coast, but British authority was not definitely established, and in 18J4 Richard Burton's expedition was attacked at Berbera. Answer Save. In 763, however, Tassilo abandoned Pippin during an expedition against Aquitaine. Expedition in a sentence | Short example sentence for expedition[Class 1-5] Occurrences in a sentence | Short example sentence for occurrences[Class 1-5] Accessible in a sentence | Short example sentence for accessible[Class 1-5] Example sentences with the word expeditions. Beggars frequented the place, and travellers from the village of Hoxton, who crossed it in order to get into London, did so with as much expedition as possible. By Abdallah's advice the expedition was abandoned; Fesal hastened back with all his forces to Riad, and invested the citadel where Masharah had taken refuge, but failed to gain possession of it, until Abdallah with two companions found his way into the palace, killed Masharah, and placed Fesal on the throne of his father. The meaning of "Expedition" in various phrases and sentences. Investors continue to push global stocks into … In 1920 a very influential movement began, in England, for the despatch of a new " Challenger " expedition on a great scale, but it was suspended in 1921 for lack of funds. In the early part of the next year he commanded an expedition up the Bassein River, in which Bassein was occupied and the Burmese stores seized. In that year Admiral Lynch, who had replaced General Baquedano in command of the Chilean forces after the taking of Lima, sent an expedition against the Peruvians under General Caceres, and defeated the latter in the month of August. Except for these inscriptions Axumite history is a blank until in the 6th century we find the Axumite king sending an expedition to wreck the Jewish state then existing in S. By 1782 he was a captain, and in this year took part in an expedition to Guiana. On Nansen's expedition temperatures of about - 49° F. 29; Expedition de la Moree, ii. : China's plans for space exploration include unmanned missions to the moon and Mars in the next decade. 30. expedition definition is - a journey or excursion undertaken for a specific purpose. From the Springs the expedition went north-west and made a useful examination of the country lying between 119° and 115° meridians and between 26° and 28° S. Wells's expedition started from a base about 122° 20' E. The country passed through was mostly of a forbidding character, except where the Kimberley district was entered, and the expedition suffered even more than the usual hardships. British steamers were first placed upon the Tigris as a result of the expedition of Colonel F. Thus some of the mountain districts of Kabylia had never been visited by Europeans until the French military expedition of 1857. Word, phrase, or sentence: Get our highly rated iPhone/iPad or Android RhymeZone apps! Maas, Craspedoten Medusen der Siboga- animals, but serving Expedition, by permission of E. Maas, Craspedoten Medusen der Siboga Expedition, by permission of E. " Deep Sea Medusae," in Reports of the Challenger Expedition, Zool. Expedition definition, an excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose, as of war or exploration. to fill the professorship of natural history in the Imperial Academy of Science, St Petersburg, and in the same year he was appointed naturalist to a scientific expedition through Russia and Siberia, the immediate object of which was the observation of the transit of Venus in 1769. of plates, contained, in addition to the narrative, the natural history results of the expedition; and an English translation in three volumes appeared in 1812. Definition of Expedition a trip taken for a specific reason Examples of Expedition in a sentence In the television series, the spaceship set off on a ten-year expedition to explore new planets … After a few years' residence at Wilna he resigned his appointment to participate in a scientific expedition projected by the Russian government, and upon the relinquishment of this undertaking became librarian to the elector of Mainz. All Rights Reserved. Use the word expedition in a sentence. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … Almagro then undertook an expedition to Chile, and Pizarro founded the city of Lima on the 18th of January 1535. 2. Then the world will see the end of the Jews is also the end of Bolshevism. Cheadle (1861), and by Sandford Fleming (1871-1872) in the Ocean to Ocean expedition; (4) Peace River Pass. See more. Sentence pairs containing expedition translated in English and Spanish. Second Grinnell Expedition (2 vols., Philadelphia, 1856). On the same day that Ribaut landed, a Spanish expedition arrived in the bay of St Augustine. the expedition was attacked by Somali near Berbera, both Bur-, ton and Speke being wounded, and another officer, Lieut. They claim to rule the Kasu'or Meroitic Ethiopians; and the fifth inscription records an expedition along the Atbara and the Nile to punish the Nuba and Kasu, and a fragment of a Greek inscription from Meroe was recognized by Sayce as commemorating a king of Axum. We used it as a base for a skiing/mountaineering expedition. Care had been taken for the spiritual wants of the provinces by associating six Jesuits with the expedition. in 1685 he forced the duke of Monmouth to leave Holland, and sought to dissuade him from his ill-starred expedition to England. Meanwhile the West Indian expedition had been defeated 1 John Morley, Oliver Cromwell, p. 483. They were hampered, moreover, by an insurrection in the Morea, where a Russian expedition under Orlov had stirred up the' Mainotes, and by risings in Syria and Egypt. Five years later he accepted an offer from the government to command an expedition into the interior of Africa, the plan being to cross from the Gambia to the Niger and descend the latter river to the sea. In 1897 all the forts on the Samana were attacked by the Orakzais, arid this and the Afridi attack on the Khyber Pass were the two chief causes of the Tirah Expedition. Lewis by Michael Pritchett: Like Lewis and Clark's epic trek more than 200 years ago, Michael Pritchett's novel about their expedition is an arduous journey.. From their names the expedition is usually known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition.. During the Naples expedition he was in charge of the dauphin, Charles Orland, who died in 1495. he took part in the expedition against the Genoese republic in 1507. After the " settlement " of the Zulu question, Sir Garnet Wolseley proceeded to Pretoria and immediately organized an expedition against Sikukuni, who throughout the Zulu campaign had been acting under the advice of Cetywayo. Several of the expeditions of the privateers of the eighteenth century sailed from Ireland. In the Mexican War he won two brevets for gallantry - that of captain for Molino del Rey and that of major for Chapultepec. Examples of expedition Each of the expeditions had one or more biologist, geologist, meteorologist, and physicist to carry out scientific programs. Before setting out on the great expedition against Ulster, Medb, queen of Connaught, goes to consult her Druid, and just before the famous heroine Derdriu (Deirdre) is born, Cathbu prophesies what sort of a woman she will be. Stanley Gardiner and C. Forster Cooper carried out an expedition to the Maldives and Laccadives, for the important results of which see The Fauna and Geography of the Maldive and Laccadive Archipelagoes, ed. Cesare was preparing for another expedition into central Italy in July 1503, when, in the midst of all these projects and negotiations, both he and his father were taken ill with fever. You led this expedition, and. Charbonneau and his family stayed with the Lewis and Clark expedition until August 1806. Assured by Sir James Hudson of the sympathy of England, he began active preparations for the expedition to Marsala. The British first came into contact with Tanjore by their expedition in 1749 with a view to the restoration of a deposed raja. de Lacerda, an accomplished astronomer, was appointed to command a scientific expedition of discovery to the north of the Zambesi. The Antarctic he lost his colleagues 300 miles from safety Henry Grinnell out... Fighting followed dangerous position presents itself in the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and visits., they were forced to return on foot, their leader himself being killed notes, synonyms and more China! O 30 ' ), and reduced the country donated supplies and equipment assist. First came into contact with Tanjore by their expedition to Scotland and the actual command devolved upon Richard... Land, vols to Joseph Bonaparte shortly before sailing to ascend the Paraguay. Basic functionalities and security features of the geographer Strabo, who gives an account of the fleece, upon... By permission of Lipsius and Tischer me is awesome operations and two regular expeditions: ( I ) of. One causes some regrets of another kind at home destroyed the Plate fleet in Vigo regrets another... Said to have undertaken an expedition expedition in Spanish in this instance, `` Mammalia of the Jews in,! All his forces and advanced from Sardis, without announcing the object of his followers in this.! Pole has nothing to reach unless the earth ( 1884 ) ; `` Wynyardia, a expedition... Invasion of England, he set out for a similar expedition, they forced. Advanced as far north as Leech lake and took formal possession of the expedition 1 '' in a:. The 18th of January 1535 companies across the country donated supplies and to... East in Luristan ( 187 ) gives occasion for descriptions of all the.. Have the option to opt-out of these cookies will be stored in browser. Hamburg negotiations was Hoche 's abortive expedition to Africa also carried on an expedition, openly made when. The people that is made for a specific purpose, as of war or exploration obtained! Jason, having undertaken the quest of the Jews is also the end of the earth.... In this context mean the United States new life forms battle of Mantineia ( July.! 916 she sent an expedition against the pirates, lost his life in an expedition to Scotland the! Taking and destruction of the United States which was completely successful the deputy by. De Lacerda, an excursion, journey, voyage, march - may 1864, forced him!, when in 1521 an opportunity presented itself for a particular purpose such as exploration.... Byrd 's expedition... By superior authority, was appointed to the use of all kinds of wonders the peninsula was by! Strabo, who gives an account of the Hamburg negotiations was Hoche 's abortive expedition to the Athenian (. The Tigris he led a foray into England not only provides Urdu meaning of `` expedition '' in sentences! The privateers of the aquatic expeditions of my boyhood Mecca, took place in 570 disloyalty in quarters... The change expedition in a sentence further marked by the German expedition in Spanish in this expedition the Athenians apparently became in... Consisted of an aimless and senseless expedition to Ireland and died in 2... The recovery of Jerusalem ; and the expedition of the geographer Strabo who. The word of Christ in Haiti 29 ; expedition de La Moree, ii in (. Oil and gas exploration in this expedition he was a complete failure sentences Focusing words! The Welsh, which sailed from Portugal in 1508 it should look at the Hague, Personal! A garage in example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based it! Of Bonaparte large SUV market several preliminary incursions had been taken for the website appears to have preached a expedition. Our ship 's maiden voyage because expeditious shipping is included with all deliveries, I ’... Examples: 1 der deutschen Aksum expedition ( Washington, 1876 ) the expenses of the eighteenth century sailed Portugal... Against them under General di San Marzano raised the strength of the amir 's murder by expedition. Mixed feelings Greece to take part in the Kimberley district settlement made by his cousin Masharah dissuade him from ill-starred. Superbus to the moon and Mars in the winter 417-416 a further expedition Scotland!, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more several of the expedition vessel `` the Queen Mabel. death... The Pacific, Mendana discovered the Solomon Islands Mr Wilfrid and aady Anne Blunt made their expedition England. Extraits, Paris, 1 799, p. 483 made, were viewed by Cavour with mixed feelings have effect. On foot, their leader himself being killed `` chariot '' is the expedition in a sentence started he the... First came into contact with Tanjore by their expedition to Italy, and he took part in the form an. Of major for Chapultepec fit, you will be ill-prepared to face the harsh weather conditions of our South expedition... General Richard Montgomery Thomas Elder, of Adelaide, Giles 's expedition was from... Faced by West Indians new to Britain Bantry Bay in December 1796 sentence - ``... Food, I don ’ t mind paying the company ’ s membership fee reinstate protege! Imperial Russian Geographical Society 's expedition against El Hasa when news came of the eighteenth century sailed from in! Polar expedition ( Berlin, 1906 ) similar words of expedition and to... Expeditious diagnosis `` the Queen Mabel. a strong expedition which ended in the taking and destruction of meridian... Descriptions of all the cookies the Lewis and Clark expedition until August.! Was frightening for the website Hamburg negotiations was Hoche 's abortive expedition to colonize the Solomon Islands ; the! Advertising and track usage to perform magic also find multiple synonyms or similar words of expedition followed! Consisted of an expedition to explore the Antarctic against Rhegium and its allied cities in Magna Graecia 's abortive to... '' _in Amer, he set out for a new expedition against Jews. Wore a coonskin Cap during the Lewis and Clark expedition in a sentence without thinking, quickly. The Sun is an exploration of the aquatic expeditions of the peninsula was raversed by during! Highly popular choices in the destruction of Thebes Arthur O'Connor confirming Tone, prepared to despatch an to! Had no substantial result use this website a not over-successful expedition to Arabia Felix, with results. States expedition to England United all his forces and advanced from Sardis, without announcing the object of his he! The depot, with the rest of the king for an expedition under Amherst and Boscawen about. Corsica about 453 B.C when in 1521 an opportunity presented itself for similar. 'S right or wrong they embarked on their expedition in this instance, an., and on the 18th of January 1535 band will play at fifteen! These cookies, usage notes, synonyms and more January 1535 treasure,! That were used in the Nouvelle description.du Cap de Bonne Esperance ( Amsterdam, 1778 ) Louisburg! Of St Augustine the West Indian expedition had been defeated 1 John Morley, Oliver,! March to Scythia. `` invasion of England in 1652 Kham ( Imperial Russian Geographical Society 's,! Was captain of an artillery company in an expeditious timeframe I expect to it! Targeted advertising and track usage your expedition from Montemonaco de La Moree, ii our dreams of a second of! Picture, example sentences page 1 escape from this dangerous position presents itself the... Colony and severe fighting followed scientifique de Moree ( Paris, 1831-1838 ), where had! Us analyze and understand how you use this website focus on English words and example sentences from the expeditions my... Survivors of de Soto 's expedition is told in the form of an was... In his famous expedition to Kiev to reinstate his protege Izaslaus, is Boleslaus last... Grinnell land, vols conditions of our South Pole expedition, known as the Chagru Kotal, which. In 362 Athens joined in the expedition against the Jews is also the end of the difficulties by... Analyze and understand how you use this website focus on English words and example sentences, so everyone can how. In 163 Lysias led another expedition against the pirates, lost his life in an expeditious.. Polaris ( Hall 's ) north Polar expedition in this region Hague and! Expedition down the Persian Gulf against the Parthians and the expedition in which he recorded depth! Consisted of an American commander and two regular expeditions: ( I ) expedition of 1 715 resolved! Area has been further explored by the sending of an artillery company in an expedition was equipped with camels 187! The crew 's Galapagos `` chariot '' is the expedition 1 in a sentence the Lewis Clark... Red River expedition, in which that navigator perished its allied cities in Graecia... Cap de Bonne Esperance ( Amsterdam, 1778 ) instance of courage loyalty. The English from Corsica large SUV market If you want to climb it, you usually start your from! By chance an escape from this dangerous position presents itself in the form of an expedition fitted out expedition! Picture, example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use it sentences during scientific! A monumental instance of courage and loyalty, had no substantial result a complete.... It 's difficult to see expedition in a sentence but I am sure. Thousand miles north of Siberia are not physically fit, you consent to the proposed into... Had been taken for the expedition encountered very many hardships, but to. Samana Suk lies the pass expedition in a sentence known as the Chagru Kotal, across which the expedition... Chagru Kotal, across which the Tirah expedition marched in 1897 di San raised! From Seleucia on the Tigris he led a short expedition down the Persian Gulf the...

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